Bollywood is a term, incorrectly applied to all Indian films, for the movie production company located in Bombay, India. Bollywood rivals Hollywood, producing over 800 movies per year. This is almost twice the amount of movies produced in the United States. Bollywood has been producing movies specific to Indian culture since 1913, and really took off by 1930 with around 200 movies per year. The films they make cater to a broad audience as anything that targets a specific audience not only brings in less money, but is also not very well received. Interestingly, while may Bollywood films draw from traditional Indian topics, such as ancient texts or cultural subjects, in more recent years they have drawn upon Hollywood films such as musicals, which are quite popular in India. What is even more interesting is that Hollywood films have begun to be influenced by Bollywood films as well, such as musicals again. With the advent of modern internet and technological developments, these Bollywood films have been able to reach a much wider audience, across many countries, than before.